My Top 10 Blogging Tips

1.) Use real-life situations! These are easy to relate to, and could also help someone going through something at the moment.

2.) Add lots of images.

3.) Watch the popular bloggers/professionals!

4.) Make it stand out!

5.) Keep up with popular trends… these will help get more people to see your blog post since it is popular!

6.) Engage in other’s posts…a lot!

7.) Always be positive.

8.) Promote your website and blog posts on ALL your social medias! Over half of my subscribers are family members/friends.

9.) Nothing you write is EVER wasted…so write whatever you want.

10.) Set goals.. ex.) different topics, reach more people, etc.

Please feel free to add to my tips! I would love to hear what tips you all have!

xoxo, K

*Image credit to google*

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