Embrace Yourself Today and Everyday

Embrace. What does that word mean to you?

At the beginning of 2019, I decided my “word of the year” would be “embrace”. Honestly, this is my first time picking out a “word of the year”, but I went for it.

I chose embrace because there are so many ways to perceive it.

Embrace your past.

Embrace your insecurities.

Embrace your personality.

Embrace your beauty.

The list could go on and on….

Instead of letting your past affect your future, let it go! What’s in the past, is in the past. Don’t look back!

I know…. it’s easy to compare yourself to the “perfect girl/guy” on Instagram who has the “perfect life”. Im begging you, please do NOT compare yourself to the girls and guys on Instagram, or any other social medias!! Their life isn’t perfect, even though it may look like it on screen. BE YOU! Once you have accepted your flaws, nobody can use them against you. Embrace who you truly are ✰

Opinions aren’t facts, so stop worrying about what others think of you. There will ALWAYS be someone prettier, someone smarter, etc. BUT…. there will never be anyone exactly like you!

Love yourself, embrace your flaws, and never let the opinions of others affect your self confidence. You are enough! -Bethany Mota

Xoxo, K